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How Many More Black People Must Die?
Many Blacks will perish if the GOP takes over the House of Representatives. Help me stop them!

Barack Obamas Curious Values
Pastor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama "When do babies get human rights?" Barack evaded the answer.

Kenneth Mayfield Is A Racist! Right?
Just when I thought John Wiley Price was through creating unnecessary controversy, he decides to do what he did in the early 90's: Be in the news and nobody understands why.

Barack Obama Gets The Nomination: Calm Down
Yesterday Barack Obama made history as the first African American nominee for President of the United States

Lynn Flint Shaw and Rufus Shaw Jr: How To Keep From Being Prosecuted
Rufus Shaw Jr said his wife's legal troubles were caused by the politics of destruction. I beg to differ. Lynn Flint Shaw's troubles were caused by the fact that she is a crook.

John Lewis: Vote Barack Obama - Your Very Life May "DepenOwnIT"
John Lewis, Civil Rights activist and Ignorant Black Man is now supporting Barack Obama.

A Gift From Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader is running for President of the United States. I jumped up and down when I found out.

Robert Holeman: Beaten Senseless By Bill Clinton
Robert Holeman went to a rally emceed by the Messiah of the Black People. Bill Clinton Beat Him Senseless.

FISA: I Hate Bush This Much!
With the trial lawyers lining the pockets of the Democrats, I smell a rat.

Bush Went To War For Oil And For African Americans
All I hear black people say is "Bush and his dad went to war so they can steal the oil and Dick Cheney can get rich at Halliburton."

Barack Obama Wins Iowa
Barack Obama won Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceived racism. I disagree with his politics on many, many fronts but Barack Obama has made history here.

William Jefferson does his own Nigerian 412 Scheme
William Jefferson, one of my favorite Democrats (because he is so exquisitely corrupt) was indicted yesterday

Correcting An Errant Woman
Nancy Pelosi got corrected by the Israeli government Tuesday

Barack Obama Raises 25 Million
Barack Obama seems to have raised almost as much has Hillary Clinton.

Saddam Hussien is Dead
Saddam Hussien is Dead

Still crazy after all those years..
I watched 60 minutes last night. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a madman.

Cynthia McKinney Loses To Hank Johnson
Known for being outspoken (ignorant) and controversial (ignorant) Cynthia McKinney went over the edge earlier this year when she struck a capitol police officer with a cellular phone. At that point even the irrational people in her district figured enough

Happy Aniversary War in Iraq!
Its no big secret that Saddam Hussein tried to dupe the world into thinking that he had weapons of mass destruction. The Democrats stil ignore the evidence.

DP World: Hillary Clintons short memory.
Hillary Clinton is "speaking out" against the DP World deal. Is she forgetting what her husband did?

Bryant Gumbel: Is Julian Bond's Number on Your Cell Phone?
Bryant Gumbel Leans Left and Off Topic. "A paucity of blacks", the GOP? What does that have to do with the olympics?

Democrats Eat Their Own Words
Bush shows some balls and takes the Democrats to task on the war in Iraq

Scooter Interrupted..
Lewis Libby, Plame and Samuel Alito.

John Roberts: Confirmed and Sworn
John Roberts: Confirmed and Sworn

Howard Dean Accomplishes Nothing
I was looking at CNN yesterday and saw just days after Jesse Jackson submit new orders for rhetoric to the Civil Rights Industry Howard Dean is making a speech saying that race and economic status played a role in the delays in getting aid to the the hurricane victims

John Wiley Price: Flipping the Script
What is interesting here is that Laura Miller is a democrat. With that in mind, you would think that blacks would vote en-mass for anything that gives white democrats more power..

Howard Dean on Black America:
Howard Dean is the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Immediately he has begun to make waves.

Condoleezza Rice: Where is the Affirmative Action?
Yesterday Barbara Boxer decided she needed to spank Condoleezza Rice and call her a liar.

George W. Bush: Man of the Year!
George W. Bush: Man of the Year!

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