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History Made: Barack Obama will be the 44th president.
Barack Obama will be the 44th president. We have made history. 175 years ago blacks in this country were slaves. Today we have elected one president.

Felons For Barack Obama!
An Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell was brought to my attention last weekend. When saw the title, "Millions of African Americans Will Be Disenfranchised on Election Day" I thought this was something about polling places, public transportation or something remotely

John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of you: An Open Letter:
Barack Obama has support across all races. Why are cvil rights leaders not all over this?

Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Racists! (If They Were Republican)
Recently Bill Clinton disparaged Barack Obama. Where is the outrage?

Profiles In Ignorance: Michael Eric Dyson
Michael Eric Dyson fingers the white man for everything that has ever happened to black people? Well, in one article he alleges Reagan pushed crack and Jena 6 was a miscarriage of justice.

Hillary Clinton Forgot To Mention The Real Plantation
Hillary Clinton did not mention the real plantation where blacks slave for the Democrats.

Tookie Williams gets a state funeral. Will Thomas Sowell?
Will Condoleeza Rice get the same kjind of recognition from civil rights leaders that Tookie got? What about Thomas Sowell? Who do you have to kill to get some recognition from Jesse Jackson?

The Menace in the Floodwaters of New Orleans
Im looking at CNN over the weekend and see who else, but Jesse Jackson. He alleges that racism played a part in some of the delays rescuing people from New Orleans

Edgar Ray Killen: Guilty
Edgar Ray Killen has been found guilty on three counts of manslaughter.

Terrell Bolton is an Idiot. What Else is new?
Terrell Bolton is an Idiot. What Else is new? Laura Miller at the moment is a hero to me for calling a spade a spade and in this case, an idiot, an idiot

What do I owe Julian, Jesse and Al?
The other day, my cousin told me that I owe the opportunities privilege that I enjoy today because of people like Jesse Jackson and Julian Bond. RIGHT.

Where is the Racial Justice?
Imagine a civil rights trailblazer from the 50's going into a coma and waking up in the year 2004 and watching the news what would his first speech sound like?

Profiles in Ignorance: Julian Bond
Julian Bond said something ignorant again. Surprised? I'm not.

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