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How Many More Black People Must Die?
Mexicans Please Read!
Fire All Obama Supporters!
Senator Edward M. Kennedy: Dead
Barack Obama: History Has Been Made! Not!
Caylee Anthonys Body Found
Russ Martin Gets Fired!
Bullets on Banking and The Auto Industry.
History Made: Barack Obama will be the 44th president.

George W. Bush

What a guy! Our 43rd President.

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Hugo Chavez is taking notes as he watches these kids sing about Barack Obama
...ent: Write a report about what would have happened if it was George W. Bush they were singing about? Now I already know they would have...
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Barack Obama: The Audacity of Practial Thinking
Is Barack Obama the ultimate product of Affirmative Action? Read this compelling argument that he just may be.
...neducated some of it frankly does not even make sense. Even George W. Bush can do a 3/8th ass that and he is one of the poorest commun...
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Barack Neville Chamberlain Obama
Barack Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time.
...his morning George W. Bush gave a speech stating that negotiating with terrorists regimes or organizations is tantamount to the appease...
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What Jeremiah Wright, Frederick Hanes And Other Black Leaders Are Afraid To Do
Black leaders especially preachers like Jeramiah Wright and Frederick Hanes are constantly poisoning the thinking of the people who least need to hear negativity.
...are dead. Stop looking at socialism to solve your problems. George W. Bush didnt get you pregnant or your son killed in a drive by. Po...
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When Barack Obama Is Elected President..
What will happen in the Black community if Barack Obama is elected? Read on! and women will follow in the footsteps of their parents. George W. Bush will be blamed for all of it and the government will contin...
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Bush Went To War For Oil And For African Americans
All I hear black people say is "Bush and his dad went to war so they can steal the oil and Dick Cheney can get rich at Halliburton."
... else. Black people should rejoice and jump up and down that George W. Bush cares about them so much. Here's why. The more oil they "s...
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Barack Obama Wins Iowa
Barack Obama won Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceived racism. I disagree with his politics on many, many fronts but Barack Obama has made history here.
... apparent. Mike Huckabee is a tax and spend Republican like George W. Bush. Mitt Romney is a better candidate Rudy Giuliani is losin...
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Profiles In Ignorance: Michael Eric Dyson
Michael Eric Dyson fingers the white man for everything that has ever happened to black people? Well, in one article he alleges Reagan pushed crack and Jena 6 was a miscarriage of justice.
...need some FU money. I think I am going to start a rumor that George W. Bush allegedly had Kanye West's mother killed. Even though there...
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The Office of Censorship
The New York Times feels it is now the official gatekeeper of classified data.
... we use to monitor and defeat terrorists? Is trying to do in George W. Bush so important that nothing else matters? Thirdly since when ...
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Happy Aniversary War in Iraq!
Its no big secret that Saddam Hussein tried to dupe the world into thinking that he had weapons of mass destruction. The Democrats stil ignore the evidence. that we got duped, instead of what they say happened that George W. Bush intentionally lied about it. One of the biggest blunders af...
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DP World Takeover: A look slightly below the surface
DP World Takeover: Theres more than meets the eye
...s something to consider. From a public relations standpoint, George W. Bush is blowing it. The rationale for this deal should be explai...
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Scooter Interrupted..
Lewis Libby, Plame and Samuel Alito.
..., Harry Reid still wants Karl Rove to either resign or, for George W. Bush to fire him for what? You guessed it! Outing Valerie Plame...
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Big Mouths, Big Failures, Big Deal
There are a number of things on my mind these days.. I could go on and on and on with my Profiles in ignorance series, but frankly, I got tired of doing it. I was going to talk about Cynthia McKinney and how she asked Michael Chertoff..
...s has rescinded her nomination to the supreme court, saving George W. Bush some trouble. I wonder what was going through his head when...
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Profiles in Ignorance: Louis Farrakhan
It would seem that Louis Farrakhan and his minions allege that the levies breaking in New Orleans was the result of the government dynamiting (or some other explosive means) the levies to ensure that black neighborhoods (the 9th Ward) were wiped out
...vies bombed with Katrina and in the past, blame it all on George W. Bush and, get new members, new contributions and new five per...
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Kanye West: I aint sayin he's a golddigger but..
Kanye West decided to go on a tear about George W. Bush saying "George Bush does not care about black people" to say/do next. Kanye West decided to go on a tear about George W. Bush saying "George Bush does not care about black people". Wel...
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George W. Bush's Slave Owner Mentality
Well, you know that George Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush used to own slaves, that's why the have the slave owner mentality
...ol I threw out the following statement: "Well, you know that George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush used to own slaves, that's why ...
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Death Penalty for Minors Abolished
The Supreme Court has abolished the death penalty for people under the age of 18 when they committed their crimes under the guise that its cruel and unusual punishment.
...s) will no doubt blame environmental factors and optionally George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan (sarcastically) for whatever they did. W...
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A Stun Grenade from America
Alex Kunhardt at JHS 51 in Park Slope had his students write PFC Rob Jacobs a GI stationed in South Korea as part of a social studies assignment.
...mess up my head" I know that liberals are really upset about George W. Bush and the election. If anyone is trying to do in an innocent...
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Giving Back (Or Not)
Why should you go back to the hood and get shot for being conservitive. Oh and Julian Bond is ignorant. Had to get that in.
...sment) and allowed the airing of that commercial saying that George W. Bush wanted to block the hate crimes legislation in Texas and g...
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George W. Bush: Man of the Year!
George W. Bush: Man of the Year!
...eorge W. Bush is Time Magazines Person of the Year! What more is there to say!...
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Steely Dan, I.G.Y. and Kweisi Mfume
Gephardt, Dachle, Mfume and Terry McAlliffe, gone!
... are different now. Dick Gephardt: Gone. Tom Daschle: Gone. George W. Bush: Re-Elected Terry McAuliffe: Gone To add icing on the cake ...
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You Said
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"All Barack has really done is show that a cultural....
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diane, that was the politest racist comment i have ever....
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chris said:
americas sale of bad loans causeed buisness around the world....
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Q. why are you so gay....
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yes im sure her son pushed him over the edge....
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Very valid, pithy, succncit, and on point. WD.....
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