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How Many More Black People Must Die?
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Fire All Obama Supporters!
Senator Edward M. Kennedy: Dead
Barack Obama: History Has Been Made! Not!
Caylee Anthonys Body Found
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Bullets on Banking and The Auto Industry.
History Made: Barack Obama will be the 44th president.

An example of racism is when Julian Bond and others in the NAACP will ignore Bobby Bird's KKK past but will call Colon Powell and Condoleeza Rice niggers.

Articles Containing "racism"
Derrick Jones Versus The Police: Guess Who Won?
On September 30, Derrick Jones decided to beat up a cop and in the process got shot. Dead. Its the police's fault right?
...s a great idea. Seriously. Let it go. You cant call this one racism either. While this incident was unfortunate, it could have ...
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Booker T. Washington High School: There Has Got To Be Something Else To Protest
Booker T. Washington High School has a 160,000 square foot addition. Because they named the addition after the person who donated the cash to build it, blacks are protesting.
...ool. I mean really. I wish these people would find some real racism to protest or something productive to do with their free ti...
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Memin Pinguin's Inadvertently Accurate Portrayal Of Black America
With Blacks portraying themselves as victims, why is Memin Pinguin a problem? Why is it not required reading to prepare young blacks for the racism to come?
...actuality Black America portrays itself as being a victim of racism every day. From birth they are told by their parents they a...
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Why Are Black People So Pissed Off?
I challenge Black America to find one person in their lives who is not pissed.
...y and Doubt about everything. As a result you go Bowling for Racism. Everything that is said by anyone who is not black is raci...
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Robert Holeman: Beaten Senseless By Bill Clinton
Robert Holeman went to a rally emceed by the Messiah of the Black People. Bill Clinton Beat Him Senseless.
...pened if a Republican did this? You already know. Charges of racism and abuse of power would be all over the pages of news pape...
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Would It Be Racism Against Barack Obama If..
If Barack Obama wins more delegates than Hillary Clinton but then, loses because of super delegates is that racism?
...hen, loses the nomination because of Super Delegates is that racism? I know if it was the Republican Party it would be (whether...
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Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Racists! (If They Were Republican)
Recently Bill Clinton disparaged Barack Obama. Where is the outrage? ones. Democrats especially Robert Byrd, are incapable of racism. The Repubican controlled press are slandering the Messiah...
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Barack Obama Wins Iowa
Barack Obama won Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceived racism. I disagree with his politics on many, many fronts but Barack Obama has made history here.
...on Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceived racism. I disagree with his politics on many, many fronts but Bara...
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Michael Vick Sentenced..
Michael Vick was sentenced today.
...hat we as a people are pre-programmed to think that there is racism, or some kind of conspiracy here. However, I have a handy t...
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The Clearlake Three: You Better Let My Baby Rob You If He Wants To!
Renato Hughes Jr. and his childhood friends Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22 are the Clearlake Three. Let me give you the final word on the killings on how to avoid racism in the legal system in California.
... my baby! Don't be prosecuting my baby! He didn't do it. Its racism." Whew. I feel better already don't you?...
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The Real Reason Barry Bonds Was Indicted (Its Not Racism)
Read the truth as to why Barry Bonds was indicted.
...sterday. Allready the fur is flying with everyone saying its racism because Raphael Palmero and Mark McGuire have not been indi...
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Michael Vick And Dog Fighting: The Final Word.
The Final Word on Michael Vick and why he was accused of Dog Fighting. The answer wil shock you!
...g because he was involved with Dog Fighting. Even if it was racism that got Michael Vick investigated for Dog Fighting, if he ...
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William Jefferson does his own Nigerian 412 Scheme
William Jefferson, one of my favorite Democrats (because he is so exquisitely corrupt) was indicted yesterday
...ex in explaining the whole thing to the black community. Its Racism! If Nancy Pelosi strips him of his post on the Small Busine...
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Justice gets pregnant and has a miscarrage.
Cynthia McKinney, William Jefferson are the targets of racism and slavery.. Right?
... Jefferson does what any black Democrat politician does: Its Racism. I will admit that others were not immediately removed from...
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Katrina Survivors: Ray Nagin is not your mayor.
To all you black people scattered by Rita and Katrina, Ray Nagin is not your mayor.
... local aid and to keep it flowing. They even blame it all on racism to boot. Is that not great? Life is back to normal right? T...
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Cynthia McKinney: Stylin and Racial Profilin'
Cynthia McKinney crys racism after hitting a police officer.
...’t.3. When the officer tried to stop her she slapped him.4. Racism ensues. Yes folks it wasn’t the officers doing their job, i...
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Profiles in Ignorance: Louis Farrakhan
It would seem that Louis Farrakhan and his minions allege that the levies breaking in New Orleans was the result of the government dynamiting (or some other explosive means) the levies to ensure that black neighborhoods (the 9th Ward) were wiped out
... blames someone on the right or, you can associate it with racism. (Robert Byrd not included, he is a Democrat) He can mak...
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Kanye West: I aint sayin he's a golddigger but..
Kanye West decided to go on a tear about George W. Bush saying "George Bush does not care about black people"
...publican and pins the failure on them and of course says its racism. Sweet plan but predictable. I saw on CNN about 300 school...
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The Menace in the Floodwaters of New Orleans
Im looking at CNN over the weekend and see who else, but Jesse Jackson. He alleges that racism played a part in some of the delays rescuing people from New Orleans
...weekend and see who else, but Jesse Jackson. He alleges that racism played a part in some of the delays, perceived or otherwise...
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Eugenics in The Black Community
Ever wonder why people will say he plays piano like his father but not how he shot someone in the face like his father?
...various Jim-Crow and other laws, institutions and just plain racism, it seems like Blacks were a hard-working and industrious p...
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Terrell Bolton is an Idiot. What Else is new?
Terrell Bolton is an Idiot. What Else is new? Laura Miller at the moment is a hero to me for calling a spade a spade and in this case, an idiot, an idiot
...pokespeople swung into action accusing the mayor of bigotry, racism (really?) and just about everything else. An apology to al...
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Where is the Racial Justice?
Imagine a civil rights trailblazer from the 50's going into a coma and waking up in the year 2004 and watching the news what would his first speech sound like?
...aucus have always stepped up to the plate to ferret out the racism and correct the injustice. Recently however, it seems that...
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Profiles in Ignorance: Julian Bond
Julian Bond said something ignorant again. Surprised? I'm not.
...rance he has accused the Bush Administration of deploying a "Racism Shield" by having Condoleezza Rice and Colon Powell in pow...
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"All Barack has really done is show that a cultural....
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diane, that was the politest racist comment i have ever....
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americas sale of bad loans causeed buisness around the world....
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Q. why are you so gay....
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yes im sure her son pushed him over the edge....
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Very valid, pithy, succncit, and on point. WD.....
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