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History Made: Barack Obama will be the 44th president.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama is a senator from Illinois who sought the 2008 Presidental nomination

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How Many More Black People Must Die?
Many Blacks will perish if the GOP takes over the House of Representatives. Help me stop them!
...ment) and how Jesus has finally come back to save our souls (Barack Obama has descended to save us). Oh and of course the simple fact...
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Barack Obama: History Has Been Made! Not!
If you think that Barack Obama is going to change the black community, think again! This hard hitting article tells it the way it really is and will be., Barack Obama is president. Now what? I see the crowds on TV. It was impressive to say the least. Its Wednesday morning. I had to...
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Barack Obamas Curious Values
Pastor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama "When do babies get human rights?" Barack evaded the answer.
...astor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama "When do babies get human rights?" Barack Obama responded: "I think that whether you are looking...
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The Black Experience: Dont Wish That Mess On Anyone
My Brother wishes I could have had "The Black Experience." When I think about it, that was an offensive and unkind thing to say or wish on anyone. The reason why I feel that way however, is not as obvious as it may seem. Read On!
...y Brother still drinks the Barack Obama Kool Aid in spite of allot of obvious and indisputable facts about him. He tells me that he w...
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Felons For Barack Obama!
An Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell was brought to my attention last weekend. When saw the title, "Millions of African Americans Will Be Disenfranchised on Election Day" I thought this was something about polling places, public transportation or something remotely
... because the majority of them are black that this could hurt Barack Obama. "This argument that blacks are being disenfranchised beca...
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Barack Obama: The Audacity of Practial Thinking
Posted: Friday, June 20, 2008 9 Hours 17 Minutes 34 Seconds Ante Meridian
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 My brother told me that he would like to see a black president in his lifetime. Frankly, I would too.

However, I have to ask myself is this nothing more than another case of affirmative action?

Back in the 1970's affirmative action was supposed to help integrate the workplace by catapulting minorities into them. The work of well-intentioned liberals this policy has admittedly had some success in integrating government facilities in the south but has also backfired as the policy gets blamed for every incompetent black put into a position they didn't get by coming up in the ranks and for the most part, rightly so. Its a double-edged sword and a policy that is largely outdated.

I have to ask myself, is this happening again?

Forget about my disagreement with Barack Obama's policies for a second. While he was educated at one of our nations finest schools, speaks with good diction and is a powerful orator, he has little experience beyond that. Furthermore it seems that he cannot speak extemporaneously about any weighty subject, especially when it comes to foreign policy or the economy. While I was not educated at Harvard, nor is my degree in foreign affairs or economics (actually its Computer Science) I can easily see that at best Barack is a paper tiger when it come foreign policy and the economy. While the populist mumbo-jumbo sounds good to joe-uneducated some of it frankly does not even make sense.

Even George W. Bush can do a 3/8th ass that and he is one of the poorest communicators of our time.

What is at stake here is a little more than the usual consequences of Affirmative Action when someone incompetent or incapable is installed which usually are pissed-off employees, loss of productivity and profit and other things of that ilk.

What is at stake this time, is all our nation, our economy, our sovereignty and our livelihoods. Its been argued that he is going to have advisers to take care of that. Maybe so, but do you really want to have a puppet in office? Really?

How many of those advisers will be in the room when he sits down with Achmadinijad. Achmadinijad will run over him. McCain will too if he ever gets a chance to debate him unscripted. [Of course if McCain wins the debate, he will be called a racist and told that like on standard tests, the questions need to be adjusted so that Obama can excel.]

I was born in 1967 so I am not aware of the of the rifle butts and hoses turned on black people by  Democrat governors, Democrat mayors, and Democrat sheriffs during the birth of the civil rights era. I also admit that I don't work on the shop floor and/or in an environment where the uneducated and uncouth (of all colors) get together and act ignorant and racist. I fully understand why I do not have the yearning for a black president that people older than I am do.

For those of you in the hood, do you think Barack will make things different or better?

For those of you in the hood, do you think Barack will make things different or better? To paraphrase Katt Williams "Music aint gonna start playing hoes aint comin out." Black men (if they didn't know he was president) would say that Barack Obama is bullshit and a sellout for getting an education and challenge his ability to whoop their asses. Black women will continue chose men who have been to jail and had sex with men and prefer men would beat/abuse/cheat on them over someone like Barack. The black churches will continue to tell black people that nothing is possible, their lives are worthless and the whites have nothing else better to do with their own lives than figure out how get them. The schools in the inner city will continue to fail as violent students male and female keep decent teachers away and make what little education they can get impossible. Any proposal for school choice will fall on deaf ears. Crime will continue. And trying to get an education will continue to equate to trying to get shot.

Change? Nothing will change and you know it.

Barack Obama has proven that America is ready for a black president. When a qualified one, not one catapulted to power via Affirmative Action comes along he will have my vote. The stakes are too high. The audacity of hope must give way to the audacity of practical thinking.

Hope is nothing more than an excuse for doing nothing.

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Barack Obama Gets The Nomination: Calm Down
Yesterday Barack Obama made history as the first African American nominee for President of the United States
...esterday Barack Obama made history as the first African American nominee for President of the United States. Ok, now that that is ove...
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Barack Neville Chamberlain Obama
Barack Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time.
...ppeasement of Adolf Hitler before World War II. He's right. Barack Obama, however seems to think differently, stating that he would ...
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What Jeremiah Wright, Frederick Hanes And Other Black Leaders Are Afraid To Do
Black leaders especially preachers like Jeramiah Wright and Frederick Hanes are constantly poisoning the thinking of the people who least need to hear negativity.
...ple who least need to hear negativity. Meanwhile people like Barack Obama and his wife are successful in spite of their meager beginn...
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Why Are Black People So Pissed Off?
I challenge Black America to find one person in their lives who is not pissed.
...f this are everywhere. White people: say something bad about Barack Obama, even if its true and see if your not a racist within 24 ho...
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Profiles In Ignorance: Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an ignorant black man. Here's why.
...owever for him to say these divisive things in a world where Barack Obama wins Iowa, he is an ignorant black man. How bout this. In ...
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John Lewis: Vote Barack Obama - Your Very Life May "DepenOwnIT"
John Lewis, Civil Rights activist and Ignorant Black Man is now supporting Barack Obama.
...vil rights activist and ignorant black man is now supporting Barack Obama. Like Jesse Jackson he has switched support in recent month...
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Robert Holeman: Beaten Senseless By Bill Clinton
Robert Holeman went to a rally emceed by the Messiah of the Black People. Bill Clinton Beat Him Senseless.
...h of the Black People. During the rally he repeatedly yelled Barack Obama's name and afterward, gave The Messiah of the Black People ...
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Would It Be Racism Against Barack Obama If..
If Barack Obama wins more delegates than Hillary Clinton but then, loses because of super delegates is that racism?
...uestion: If Barack Obama wins more delegates than Hillary Clinton but then, loses the nomination because of Super Delegates is that r...
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John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of you: An Open Letter:
Barack Obama has support across all races. Why are cvil rights leaders not all over this? anywhere, do anything or be anyone. As of today, 2/6/2008 Barack Obama, even after Super Tuesday is still a serious contender for ...
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When Barack Obama Is Elected President..
What will happen in the Black community if Barack Obama is elected? Read on!
...he enthusiasm for Barack Obama is building in the black community. Amongst some of my liberal black friends talking often about how r...
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Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Racists! (If They Were Republican)
Recently Bill Clinton disparaged Barack Obama. Where is the outrage?
...cently Bill Clinton, the Messiah of the Black People said of Barack Obama's candidacy: "This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I'...
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Barack Obama Wins Iowa
Barack Obama won Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceived racism. I disagree with his politics on many, many fronts but Barack Obama has made history here.
...t asked this morning about my thoughts on the Iowa Caucus. Barack Obama won Iowa. He won in a 90% White state chock full of perceiv...
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Barack Obama Raises 25 Million
Barack Obama seems to have raised almost as much has Hillary Clinton.
...arack Obama seems to have raised almost as much has Hillary Clinton. What is interesting here is the fact that how much money a candi...
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