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Katelyn Kristine Faber Drops (another) Case!
Katelyn Kristine Faber Drops her court case.

Kobe: Prosecutors drop charges.
Kobe Bryant has his pants up and charges dropped.

Kobe Be Free!
Kobe Bryant is free!

Kobe Update
Laie Weatherwax dishes on Katelyn Kristine Faber

Kobe Update
Laie Weatherwax dishes on Katelyn Kristine Faber

Michelle Vieth's Sex Video
Am I missing something here. Yet another celebrity performs Clinton Situations and Language

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Kobe Bryant's Accuser Katelyn Kristine Faber Files Civil Suit
Kobe Bryants Accuser Katelyn Kristine Faber Files Civil Suit

Derrick Jones Versus The Police: Guess Who Won?
On September 30, Derrick Jones decided to beat up a cop and in the process got shot. Dead. Its the police's fault right?

Demetris McCoy Gets Eight Years In Jail
Demetris McCoy has been sentenced to eight years in prison for giving his two year old and four year old nephews marijuana to smoke.

Russ Martin: Its the pills stupid!
So the excuse making begins, Russ Martin's show starts off with a recording of him talking to his doctor about his medications.

Russ Martin Goes Nanners!
Russ Martin allegedly beat his fiance up. Looks like he still hasnt forgotten he is from the grove.

Joe Horn Cleared By Grand Jury
Texas hero Joe Horn has been cleared by a grand jury today in the shooting deaths of Miguel DeJesus, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30 who were breaking into his neighbors home.

R. Kelly Is Acquitted On All Charges
I cant believe it. Its on tape. And R. Kelly still got acquitted. Amazing! Thats all I can say.

Eve Carson's Murder Is Solved!
When I heard about what happened to Eve Carson one thing came to mind. Pookie Nem did it.

Michael Vick Sentenced..
Michael Vick was sentenced today.

Quanell X And The New Black Panthers Have Alot More Killings To Protest
Joe Horn shot two criminals dead. And he is the one getting protested. Nice.

The Clearlake Three: You Better Let My Baby Rob You If He Wants To!
Renato Hughes Jr. and his childhood friends Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22 are the Clearlake Three. Let me give you the final word on the killings on how to avoid racism in the legal system in California.

Kia Vaughn Has Fouled Out
The effect of being called a money grubbing hoe and proving it with this lawsuit will be far worse than being called a nappy headed hoe ever will be.

Michael Vick And Dog Fighting: The Final Word.
The Final Word on Michael Vick and why he was accused of Dog Fighting. The answer wil shock you!

Duke Rape: Has Justice Really Been Served?
Mike Nifong has been disbarred and he has resigned. Has justice been served yet?

Crystal Magnum's charges have been dropped!
The rape charges filed by Crystal Magnum against Dave Evans, Colin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann

What? A Decent Law From California?
A California lawmaker is calling for a ban on incandescent light bulbs..

Rape Charges Dropped!
Mike Nifong drops rape charges on Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann.

Justice gets pregnant and has a miscarrage.
Cynthia McKinney, William Jefferson are the targets of racism and slavery.. Right?

Crystal Magnum's Case Unravels
Crystal Magnum may have however been robbed and, Kim Roberts may have done it.

Stephen Barbee: Sentenced to Death
Stephen Barbee was sentenced to death for murdering Lisa Underwood, her son Jayden Underwood and her unborn child.

Tookie Williams is dead. RIP.
Tookie Williams is dead. RIP.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Bye Tookie!
Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived up to his backbone and sided with the courts re: Stanly Williams or, Tookie Williams. Anyway he as not granted clemency and subsequently, Tookie Williams is dead.

Grokster: The Supreme Nail in the Coffin
The Supreme Court has ruled that makers of software that can be used for the sharing and/or distribution of copyrighted software can be sued by content providers..

Terry Schiavo's Autopsy Results:
Yesterday on CNN I saw the results of the Terry Schiavo Autopsy. It would seem that everything that Michael Schiavo said while theres no way to validate it..

Michael Jackson Verdict: Innocent
Michael Jackson has been found Innocent. What do you think?

Michael Jacksons jury has reached a verdict.
Michael Jacksons jury has reached a verdict.

Scott Peterson Gets a Wrongful Death Suit
Lacy Petersons parents Sharon Rocha and her ex-husband Dennis Rocha have filed a 20 Million dollar wrongful death suit against Scott Peterson.

Terry Schiavo Passes Away at 41
I am surprised the Democrats voted in favor of the Schindler's usually they try to abort anything hooked up to life support especially the unborn..

Robert Blake: Innocent
Robert Blake is relieved. Not only is his grifter wife Bonnie Lee Blakely dead, he doesn't have to go to jail for it either

Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death
Scott Peterson has been Sentenced to Death. What do all you "Pro Scott" people have to say now?

Brian Nichols: Hip Hops New Hero!
In an alternate universe Brian Nichols is your new consummate rap star.

Death Penalty for Minors Abolished
The Supreme Court has abolished the death penalty for people under the age of 18 when they committed their crimes under the guise that its cruel and unusual punishment.

Lisa Underwood: Not such an angel after all.
It looks like Lisa Underwood was not the happy bagelmaker everyone made her out to be..

Andrea Yates: Conviction Overturned!
Holy Crap! Andrea Yates had her conviction for murdering three of her children overturned today. Would some Democrat or Femanista come and tell me why?

Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson
Something interesting is coming up on the horizon for fans and supporters of Scott Peterson. That would be Amber Frey's book "Witness for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson" is shaping up to be a pretty good read.

Women Make Progress
It seems these days that women are becoming more liberated and, are beginning to assume the roles that men have.

Scott Peterson Gets the Death Penalty
Scott Peterson get the nod from the jury to fry him

Scott Peterson: Guilty of First Degree Murder
Scott was found guilty. Whats next?

John Allen Muhammad is representing himself.
John Allen Muhammad is representing himself. Whew! I thought there was a chance he would get off.

Lee Boyd Malvo gets the Death Penalty
Lee Boyd Malvo has been found guilty of capital murder.

Sniper and Son
Its Take your Sons to (put in) Work Day!

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