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Ask Mister Bachelor #5: Are you fulfilled?
As we all know, Mister Bachelor gets many comments. Sometimes someone sends something compelling enough for me to respond.

Nicolette Sheridan: And?
Nicolette Sheridan: And?

Sharon Reed Poses Nude
Mister Bachelor makes a list of women like Sharon Reed he'd like to see naked

Fuck Detroit
The Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons fans get int o it.

The ODB: The Cost of Keeping it Real
Mister Bachelor looks into the ODB.

Tara Reid has a nipple slip.
Look at Tara Reid's breast!

Kobe Bryant: What Katelyn Kristine Faber did not want.
Kobe Bryant: What Katelyn Faber didn’t want.

Murphy's Ass
Mister Bachelor asks the question why is your man's name tattooed on you?

Katelyn Kristine Faber's name revealed.
Katelyn Kristine Faber's name revealed.

Lifetime Television for Women (Really?)
Lifetime Television for Women is a scourage!

Ask Mister Bachelor #3: What Motivates Mister Bachelor
Mister Bachelor lays down his sizable penis and it points the way.

Gloria Trevi Freed from Prison
Gloria Trevi has been freed from prison. Well, look at her. That ass needs to be free!

Clay Aiken: This Proves Nothing.
Clay is Gay

Amber Frey Nude
Amber Frey Nude

What Mister Bachelor Thinks #2
Number two in a series of what I think about whats going on.

Barack Obama: History Has Been Made! Not!
If you think that Barack Obama is going to change the black community, think again! This hard hitting article tells it the way it really is and will be.

Bullets on Banking and The Auto Industry.
Damn the auto industry and the unions who destroyed them. Damn the banks too.

Terrell Bolton Has Not Changed A Bit
Don't tell me. The only reason why he's under scrutiny is because he's black right?

The Black Experience: Dont Wish That Mess On Anyone
My Brother wishes I could have had "The Black Experience." When I think about it, that was an offensive and unkind thing to say or wish on anyone. The reason why I feel that way however, is not as obvious as it may seem. Read On!

James Fantroy Gets Out Of Jail
James Fantroy got out of jail. He still denies he did anything wrong.

Booker T. Washington High School: There Has Got To Be Something Else To Protest
Booker T. Washington High School has a 160,000 square foot addition. Because they named the addition after the person who donated the cash to build it, blacks are protesting.

Memin Pinguin's Inadvertently Accurate Portrayal Of Black America
With Blacks portraying themselves as victims, why is Memin Pinguin a problem? Why is it not required reading to prepare young blacks for the racism to come?

Barack Obama: The Audacity of Practial Thinking
Is Barack Obama the ultimate product of Affirmative Action? Read this compelling argument that he just may be.

James Fantroy: Balls Of Steel
James Fantroy however benign he may be, is a crook.

Barack Neville Chamberlain Obama
Barack Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time.

What Jeremiah Wright, Frederick Hanes And Other Black Leaders Are Afraid To Do
Black leaders especially preachers like Jeramiah Wright and Frederick Hanes are constantly poisoning the thinking of the people who least need to hear negativity.

Why Are Black People So Pissed Off?
I challenge Black America to find one person in their lives who is not pissed.

Dick Dauch From American Axle Is An American Hero
Dick Dauch is an American hero. The CEO of American Axle is looking to move his operations overseas or, to Mexico.

Profiles In Ignorance: Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an ignorant black man. Here's why.

William F. Buckley
William F. Buckley, one of my heroes is dead at 82 today.

Much Ado About Nothing.
Daedalus tells you what you need to know about John McCain, Vicki Iseman and Michelle Obama

Would It Be Racism Against Barack Obama If..
If Barack Obama wins more delegates than Hillary Clinton but then, loses because of super delegates is that racism?

Virginia Tech: Massacre
Charlton Heston former head of the NRA went on a rampage killing 32 people. Yeaaah that’s it.

Terrell Bolton's Monopoly Piece Lands In Atlanta
Terrell Bolton is now police chief in Dekalb County

The Haves and The Have-Nots: Its not about money.
The difference between the haves and the have-nots especially as it pertains to minorities. Its not just about money.

Ronald Dodd Gets 10 Years.
Get me a can of gas and a shovel oh, and could ya do ten years too?

The Office of Censorship
The New York Times feels it is now the official gatekeeper of classified data.

Katrina Survivors: Ray Nagin is not your mayor.
To all you black people scattered by Rita and Katrina, Ray Nagin is not your mayor.

Immigration: Its not just about Mexicans
The immigration debate is beginning to get on my nerves. There are some issues that aren't being addressed here. This is how I see it:

An Open Letter to Roger Toussaint and All Union Members
Let me fire some bullets at the NYC Transit workers and any actually all current union members out there. LISTEN UP!

Can You Feel It?
The Birth of a new Democracy in Iraq

Tookie Williams: Its Time to Die in Peace.
Tookie Williams's time is up. Its time to pay the check!

Destroy France!
Unfortunately the police are getting an upper hand on the violence that has recently ringed the city of Paris and now, many others in Europe.

Big Mouths, Big Failures, Big Deal
There are a number of things on my mind these days.. I could go on and on and on with my Profiles in ignorance series, but frankly, I got tired of doing it. I was going to talk about Cynthia McKinney and how she asked Michael Chertoff..

Profiles in Ignorance: Kamau Kambon
Kamau Kambon in a speech at Howard University said that the cure for the ills of black people is to exterminate white people from the face of the earth.

Profiles in Ignorance: Louis Farrakhan
It would seem that Louis Farrakhan and his minions allege that the levies breaking in New Orleans was the result of the government dynamiting (or some other explosive means) the levies to ensure that black neighborhoods (the 9th Ward) were wiped out

Intelligent Design (of what?)
All this talk about "intelligent design" lately has me miffed. Sometimes I like to take a topic and fire bullets at it. Today is a day I think I will do just that

Wilmer-Hutchins: Out Frying Pan and Into The Fire
It looks like its as close to a done deal as you can get, the Wilmer Hutchins Independent School District is being for all practical purposes, shut down.

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